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3 Things You Can Expect from ‘You’re My Best Friend’

We’ve been bombarded with calls, emails, direct messages, and even people asking us on Facebook about our new podcast. One thing has been consistent: people want to know what we are doing on the podcast. Here are 3 things you can expect on You’re My Best Friend.

First thing first, Tacos!

Very few people know this, but Moxy and Ruben’s friendship is based on tacos. In fact, if President Trump banned tacos, Moxy and Ruben probably couldn’t be friends. You will hear about their favorite tacos, and who knows, maybe they might have a taco party for podcast listeners.

What would a podcast be without Interviews?

Moxy and Ruben are reaching out to some of their favorite people to be on the podcast. They are so excited to share life with their friends and with you, the podcast listeners…erm….blog readers.

Ruben Might Sing?

Ruben has been working very hard on writing and recording his debut album. We hope you can hear it on the show! Moxy says NO!!


Moxy and Ruben are truly best of friends. You will hear them as the compare their lives and work out the important issues on life. This means you will share laughs and tears with them. You will share their highs and their lows and become the best of friends.

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