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Eric Bischoff’s Guide To Getting Mexican Food

by ruben

On a recent episode of You’re My Best Friend, we has special guest, Eric Bischoff. During the interview, Eric paused and gave us his guide to getting Mexican food. Here is his advice.

Hole In The Wall

Avoid chains. This includes chains like El Torito, El Cholo, Taco Bell, etc. Try to find a place that is a “mom and pop” owned. You generally find more authentic, home style food there. Even chains like Albertos or Molca Salsa will used canned beans and mass cooked rice.

Finding a hole in the wall restaurant will give you the closest to real, authentic, Mexican food you can get.

PRO TIP: Ask them if they make their beans in house. The more lard they use, the better.

Who’s Cooking?

Pay attention to who is in the kitchen cooking. If you can tell that the dad or uncle of the family is in the back cooking, then you’re probably in the right spot. If you see a bunch of college students cooking, you need to run.

Having family cooking means that the food is probably the same that they eat at home. You’re most likely about to eat some food from a family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Try The Salsa

This one is key: If the salsa isn’t home made, neither is the rest of the food.

PRO TIP: IF the Salsa and the beans aren’t good, don’t go back to that place!

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