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Four Things To Do Right After You Graduate

by Moxy Anne

Four Things To Do Right After You Graduate 

Moxy here, bringing you the ultimate scoop of what to do immediately following the cacophony of screaming and tears that is the graduation ceremony. 

Ok…maybe not the ULTIMATE scoop, but I must say, I had a pretty great graduation, and it was mainly thanks to awesome family and friends, and a few key things. 

  1. After the ceremony, hang out with just your family and before-school best friends. 

You just spent the last four years with people who saw you at your best and worst. Now, spend some time with people who think you’re just the bees knees, and have no idea you were up at 4am last night on the floor of an empty kitchen kicking around gross lint balls and eating cold In ’N Out fries with salsa. Your family doesn’t need to know that you frustratedly gave up on decorating your graduation cap only because your roommate unknowingly packed the printer already — instead, tell them you just wanted to ‘keep it classic.’ Those yoga pants you just changed into? Definitely not the only pants you’ve worn the last week. Let your family love you and flatter you and make you feel like the last four years were absolutely worth it. Then…let them jump in and help when you tell them your apartment still isn’t packed up yet. 

2. Take lots of pictures (duh)

Take pictures with your mom and dad in your cap and gown. Take pictures with your crazy awesome aunt. Your grandparents (both sets). Your best friend, and your other best friend. Take pictures of the roses your BIFFLE got you. All the gifts! The place you celebrated afterwards, the way your stoles unroll all wrinkled after you tossed them in a gift bag. How dirty your car looked at 11pm when, in your very first shining moment of post-grad clarity, you realized you hadn’t washed it all semester, and you accidentally locked your keys in your apartment before the graduation ceremony even started. 

Trust me, the “professional” photographers who are supposed to herd you through a receiving line right after you walk across the stage (oh yeah — that happens also) probably won’t get anything nearly as memorable as the polaroids you’ll take with your new gifted film camera. You’ll totally want to remember every second, but you won’t because you’ll be so dazed. The pictures help a lot. 

3. Go to the beach

This probably sounds ridiculous, but I had no idea how much of an instant stress reliever the sand on my feet was going to be. It was like all the pressure of the previous weeks melted away as soon as I stepped out of my shoes. Go whenever you can, and be reckless — get those jeans wet! If at all possible, go with your besties. I went with my two roommates as a last roomie date at Manhattan beach before we dropped Carly off at LAX. It was the best note we could have ended on. Oh, and take a lot of pictures there, too. Preferably together. 

4. Make plans to see your best friends again 

Especially if they live farther away. It doesn’t matter if the plans are for next week or next December; simply having a date In your head when you know you’ll be seeing them helps ease the heart-wrenching difficulty of saying goodbye forever. It doesn’t have to be forever. Don’t let that be a thing. Whether it’s an upcoming wedding you’ll be in together, a music conference at the end of the year that you got tickets for, or simply a special trip to see each other. Get it on the calendar and buy the plane tickets. It makes the last hug less bitter, more sweet. Less goodbye, more “see you later.” Your friendship isn’t over simply because college is over; in fact, it’s only just begun. 

Thanks for reading!

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