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Pastors Mike & Marie Collins

by ruben

Moxy Anne and Ruben Jay welcome Moxy’s pastors to the show! Mike & Marie Collins from Solid Ground Church. 

Ruben holds no punches going into the details of church by asking Mike & Marie what makes them a Pastor. Mike goes into details about his Pastoral career starting out as a Youth Pastor and moving up to being the Senior Pastor for Solid Ground. 

The dynamic duo asked Mike & Marie about moving to California from Oklahoma. They discuss the original Sonic Drive-Thru restaurant. From their move to what does a Pastor’s day-to-day look like. Mike talks about the frustrating part of being a full-time Pastor and overseeing a church, school, and wedding venue. 

Mike & Marie talk about their favorite taco before Ruben asks them about Christians and alcohol. Mike & Marie talk about the importance of self-control and knowing when not to drink and who not to drink around. 

With more hard questions, Ruben asks Mike about tithing in the church. Marie chimes in and talks about how tithing isn’t buying God’s favor. From tithing to their life quotes to nutrition. 

All of this and MORE on this week’s episode of You’re My Best Friend with Moxy Anne and Ruben Jay!

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