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Ruben’s Playlist: Pay No Mind

This week has been a major music week for me. On Monday, I went to the Alter Bridge concert with my friend Bradley. On Wednesday, Daniel Durston’s Elvis tribute show, The King & Marilyn, played in Downtown Fullerton. To say that I listened to a lot of music is an understatement.

Here are a few songs that are on my current playlist. I hope you enjoy these.

Alter Bridge: Pay No Mind

This rock track has been a favorite of mine since it came out in October. Moxy and I actually really enjoy this song. She likes it so much that I made sure to call her and let her watch the performance via Facetime. Enjoy this track.

Clint Lowery: God Bless the Renegades

Clint Lowery opened for Alter Bridge on Monday and they really impressed me. I am actually planning on doing a full album review soon, but in the mean time, enjoy this track. Its a great one.

Kelsey Colbert: revival

Disclaimer: Kelsey was on season one of the podcast. You can listen to that episode by clicking here. This is Kelsey’s new song and I actually really like it and I want you to like it too.

Payton Howie: F150

Payton Howie is going to be on our show this week, so i have been listening to her music quite a bit in preparation. This is a fun song about taking her truck off-roading to clear her mind. Make sure to listen to this track and also tune into the podcast on MONDAY!

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