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These 4 Shows Are The Most Binge Worthy Shows For Traveling

by Moxy Anne

Top 4 Binge Worthy Shows for Traveling

Moxy here to tell you, if there’s anyone who’s an expert on binging shows, it’s me. When I was in college, I made the conscious decision NOT to watch anything during the semester — thus, I became a pro at binging 2-3 complete shows every holiday break (we’re talking Grey’s Anatomy, we’re talking HIMYM, we’re talking The Office). However, binging a show while traveling is a whole different ballpark. There are two key things you’ll need to watch your favorites while abroad. To start, you’ll need:

1: either a good internet connection, or a streaming service that allows you to download (I prefer this because often, if you’re traveling internationally, you may end up in a country that has different Netflix offerings than yours does and you won’t always be able to stream what you want once you get there). If you can download onto your device, be sure to download them BEFORE you get there; sometimes a hotel or stay will advertise “free” Wi-Fi, and the connection will either be very limited or very slow. 

2: a decent amount of uninterrupted time to watch things. Obviously, seeing the world is not something you want to take time off from to watch the Kardashians, so it’s important to have something like a 12 hour flight or a few at-sea cruise days or a LOT of time in a car for. 

Now that you’re ready to go, here are four of my faves!

  1. Outlander. Perfect for traveling anywhere in Northern Europe. I wish I had watched it before visiting Scotland and France. Not only is it well-written and produced with spectacular acting, it gives you an intimate view of the inside of the Jacobite Rising of 1745 (or, the Forty-Five Rebellion) and World War II as a British nurse. If you’re any kind of history buff, you will love this show. It even has time travel — what’s not to love? As a bonus, it’s available in both American and European Netflix regions, so you won’t have any issues with location changes. 
  2. iZombie. Trust me on this one. I thought it was stupid at first (and TBH, for the first few episodes, it kinda was.) However, it’s certainly not boring. Centered around a girl who accidentally became a zombie, Liv Moore found her identity as a crime-fighting mortician-detective who takes on the personalities (and memories) of the victims whose brains she eats. I know, sounds gross — but it’s not gory, and the writers have made it very entertaining. Because she essentially becomes a different person each episode, it can keep any fan interested (and it gives you a chance to appreciate Rose Gowan’s superb acting prowess). I’ve watched this show on multiple road trips and it’s perfect for long drives. Check it out on Netflix and The CW website/app. 
  3. Jane the Virgin. This is a must-see for anyone who enjoys sitcoms, telenovelas, comedy, drama, etc. And, guys, don’t shy away from the chick flick-sounding title; we’ve had a lot of fun watching it with boyfriends and husbands alike. The trick is to immerse yourself in the utter ridiculousness of life and love, as you follow the unlikely paths of Jane, Michael, and Rafael. It never disappoints. Also, it’s a great chance to brush up on your Spanish! This show is perfect for traveling with a companion you love laughing with — watch it in the hotel room on Netflix or The CW website/app. 
  4. The Handmaid’s Tale. Despite all the political craziness associated with this show, it’s genuinely interesting as a concept show. I’ve watched it with friends from all sides of political spectrums and everyone loves the plot, writing, casting, and acting.  Whether you see it as a cautionary tale or fuel for various political movements, I recommend you give it a chance and allow yourself to get sucked into the thrill of watching Offred (June) regain her will to live and find her way through the new American terrain. Watch it on Hulu when you’re out of the country and want to appreciate today’s America and the freedoms that we’re blessed with!

Now go, get out there, and have fun watching your shows AND seeing the world!

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