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Using a dating app? You need to ask your matches these questions before meeting up.

In 2020, the norm for dating isn’t going to the bar and buying someone a drink. In fact, it hasn’t been the norm to meet people in quite a while. According to, 40% of American are now using dating apps to meet potential partners, rather than “traditional” methods. 

Breaking that down between men and women: men lead the pack at 53%, and women are at 47%. With the advancement in technology, we hear more and more of the “ghosting” stories that have come to haunt today’s dating scene (no pun intended). Here are a few questions you should ask potential online dates before you go out with them for real. 

Ask them what their intentions are.

For the purpose of this blog, we are going to say that the end goal for dating is for marriage. I understand that today’s culture, dating can be super casual, but many singles on dating apps lean more towards a long-term mindset. 

You want to ask your match what their intentions are. You also want to make your own intentions clear. If you’re looking for your future spouse, you want to let them know. If you’re just looking for a fling, make that known.

The worst thing is getting dressed, driving across town, buying drinks, and finding out that you two have unaligned intentions, and it was a waste of both of your time. 

What is their political affiliation?

Politics in 2020 have divided our nation. They have split homes and friendships. Politics are so polarizing that you need to know if your major political views align. Yes, you can get over some things, like who they voted for in 2016, but there are some things that you can’t avoid – at least, not for long. 

Find out what they think on topics like abortion, taxes, public school system, healthcare, Universal Basic Income, and other key issues of importance to you. These topics have ended friendships because of the amount of conflict they create. Even if you don’t think you feel strongly about your political beliefs, they will play a role in the way you view society and the world later in your life. Imagine being invested in someone for weeks and months only to find out that they fundamentally disagree with you on things that really hit close to home… heartbreaking. 

Do they want kids?

If you want kids but they don’t, you might not want to waste your time. I know a lot of couples who are totally fine with not having kids. However, I don’t know of many happy partners that put aside their desire for children, or have children in spite of their desires. Children should never be a choice you regret. 

This is probably more important than political alignment. Having a family will make or break your relationship. 

These are a few questions that should help you make an informed decision on who to meet up with from those dating apps. We hope this helps you! If it does, share this post with your friends, and tell us your success stories.

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